Design a Print

Design a Print

Design your own letterpress print! You design it, Ice Pond Press prints it. Bring your own vision to life in letterpress, whether it’s a quote, handwritten letter, song lyric, illustration, or an art print. You’ll submit your art as a PDF, and after review and approval, your creation will be letterpress printed in the Bozeman, Montana studio. 

Tips for the best results:

  • Keep your text narrow, and line work and artistic details simple without large floods of color. Unless you like the old-timey, salty letterpress look of mottled ink, then go big because that’s the result of large areas of colors when printed. 
  • Please avoid color-to-the edge (bleed) and borders.
  • Condense your vision to one color, which will be your ink color. 

Two size options are available, and you’ll receive up to four prints (if you’d like more your pricing can be adjusted.)

5” x 7” – $120

8” x 10” – $195

Requirements for submissions:

  • High resolution PDF
  • Linework minimum – .35pt line thickness
  • Dot size minimum – 1.25pt diameter
  • Use 100% Black (K or 0,0,0,100) only in CMYK mode
  • Outline fonts

(If all of this sounds foreign to you or is out of your wheelhouse, no problem, your file can be adjusted in-house for a $20 charge.)

After submitting your file, you’ll receive an invoice. Once it’s paid, we’ll press on. I look forward to making art with you!

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